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GSGroup’s partnership with Statens Vegvesen – A triumph in sustainability

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Statens Vegvesen, a central authority in Norway, embarked on a mission to become a leader in sustainability. Recognizing the importance of accurate data and organizational integration, SVV aimed to reduce its vehicle fleet by 25%. Senior Advisor Andre Kempe stressed the need for a robust database for informed decisions.

Challenges and insights:

SVV’s consultants identified that a significant part of their fleet was underutilized and could be reduced or scaled down. Sindre Røstad, another senior advisor, emphasized the need for data-driven insights and management commitment to efficient and sustainable solutions. The vehicle fleet reduction was part of SVV’s broader sustainability strategy, which included a 20% reduction in energy consumption by 2023.

GSGroups role:

Morgan Kittilsen, Sales Manager for Fleet & Asset Tracking Solutions at GSGroup, noted a growing trend among organizations to document their environmental footprint. GSGroup’s collaboration with SVV evolved from electronic travel records to deeper analysis of fleet use.

Initiatives and achievements:

SVV’s initiative went beyond vehicle and energy management to include recycling and waste management. They also attached great importance to social sustainability. In particular, SVV is undergoing a transition to an electric vehicle fleet, with the aim of becoming fully electric by 2026.

Cooperation between GSGroup and SVV:

This partnership proved crucial to achieving SVV’s sustainability goals. Data played an important role in understanding vehicle use and implementing effective measures. The collaboration has not only enabled SVV to become a leader in sustainable vehicle management, but also allowed GSGroup to gain valuable insights applicable to other large vehicle operators.

Directions for the future:

SVV continues to use data as an important tool to drive sustainable decisions and lead the development of environmentally friendly practices. Their focus on sustainability is a model for others in the sector, highlighting the importance of such initiatives in today’s world.


The successful partnership between GSGroup and SVV shows how data-driven approaches can have a significant impact on the sustainability efforts of large organizations. It is a testament to GSGroup’s commitment to providing solutions that not only meet the immediate needs of clients but also contribute to broader environmental goals.