Fleet management

Everything you need to know, in one platform.

See your vehicles in real time

Reduce fuel and operating costs

Documentation of all mileage

Ensures service intervals

All in one platform

For us, no fleet is too big or too complex. With our fleet management, you get the full picture where you want, when you want.

Our fleet management gives you a quick overview of all your vehicles, machines and equipment – regardless of size, number or brand – in real time.

Designed to save you both time and money.

By streamlining and optimizing your operations, you not only improve the profitability of your business, you also increase the safety of all employees and strengthen your customer relationships.

Our digital travel logs which automatically document all mileage and give you a detailed insight into vehicle usage, you can feel confident that you have full control over your vehicle fleet.

Increasing efficiency

With accurate data on vehicle location and performance, you can reduce unnecessary mileage, save time and increase customer satisfaction.

Save money

By improving fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, our fleet management solution allows you to save a lot of money. Our vehicle usage analysis helps identify and reduce waste, thereby optimizing the total cost of fleet operation.

Environmental impact

Our solution helps reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing fuel use and encouraging greener driving behaviors. This contributes to a sustainable future and also strengthens your company’s green profile.

Security and legal requirements

Safety is always in focus with our technology. Through real-time tracking and analysis of driving behavior, we improve safety for all drivers. Our solution also ensures that your fleet meets all relevant legal requirements and industry standards, minimizing the risk of costly fines and legal problems.

User-friendly interface and support

We understand the importance of a simple and intuitive user experience. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and gives you quick access to important information.

Our customer support is always ready to assist you in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or English, so that you can use our product smoothly and without problems.

We have been a customer since 2009, the system meets our needs in relation to the requirements of the tax authorities. And it also provides us with an excellent overview of all our vehicles and machinery. The system also provides even more valuable information for us via API. We are very satisfied with the follow-up, customer service and support.

Jarle Skogly, Machine Manager
Carl C. Fon

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