The most efficient GPS tracker on the market

Smart and easy to use - no installation or cables required

Long battery life

24/7 alarm center

GSM, GPS & Radio

Approved by Insurance

Simple installation

Thanks to sophisticated tracking technology and a dedicated alarm center, we have managed to recover 90% of all stolen items, for over 30 years.

Our tracker has one of the longest battery lives on the market, meaning less maintenance and continuous monitoring of your assets. They are approved by SSF to guarantee the highest safety standards.

We have an alarm center available 24/7, with over 30 years of experience in search operations. We also offer a unique combination of GPS, GSM and radio technology for effective anti-theft tracking.

Our trackers are easy to install without the need for advanced tools or technical support, allowing for a quick implementation.

For several years now, Porsche Sweden has been offering all new car customers installation and a three-year subscription. That in itself probably contributes to the relatively low numbers we see in terms of theft of newer Porsches.

Håkan Nilsson, Sales Manager


Track your assets with the Spotguard GPS tracker. To use this app you need a tracking device and an active Spotguard subscription.

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