Automatic download of tachograph data

Overview of
driving and rest time

Historical data

Automatic download of data

Live tracking and reporting

Presentation of real-time data

24/7 access to tachograph data - optimizes and maximizes productivity regardless of vehicle brand and tachograph.

Automatic download of tachograph data for a complete overview

We offer easy access to tachograph data with automatic download. We download, manage, and store all tachograph data in the cloud daily – regardless of car brand and manufacturer.

We have our own card service solution that ensures encrypted and secure communication between the tachograph and the card hotel.

Tacho Download GSFleet

All data gathered in one place

With a solution from us, you get a secure, complete, fast and easy-to-understand overview.

Your advantages:

  • All vehicles in the fleet are monitored – regardless of car brand and tachograph manufacturer
  • The driver’s current status is displayed in an easy-to-understand format
  • All data gathered in one place
  • The tachograph delivers an easy-to-understand presentation of the data
  • The data is always ready for analysis by selected partners.

All data is gathered in one place, no matter how many different car brands you have in your fleet.

We offer an automated solution tailored to your company
– Get assistance from one of our experts in the field

Which package is best for your company?

  • Tacho remote

  • Tacho Live

  • Fleet Basic

  • Fleet Pro

  • Daily download of tacho C files (Automatic)
  • Daily download of tacho M files, including monthly complete download (Automatic)
  • Access to own card hotels, encrypted and secure communication between tachograph and card hotel
  • Forwarding files to analysis partners via FTP server or API
  • Vehicle control via Transport Portal
  • Live map display of the whole fleet combined with drivers
  • Individual driving history for each vehicle, trip report, start/stop and idling.
  • Live status of the vehicle's GPS position and tracking shown on the map
  • Complete live overview of tachograph status changes as well as the driving and rest periods status of all drivers and their working time.
  • Relevant FMS data from the vehicle, including fuel consumption, emissions, speed, acceleration and hard braking.

We offer two different solutions, tailored for trucks operating in the Nordics and the rest of Europe, both based on tachograph data.

With Tacho Remote, we offer automatic downloading and we make sure to send the data directly for analysis to one of our partners or the customer’s preferred analysis tool.

With Tacho Live, you can get an overall real-time overview of your vehicles and drivers in just a few clicks. You can zoom in on individual vehicles or drivers and get more information about the vehicle’s position, as well as get an overview of the driver’s driving and resting time status, driving report, idling, and more.

We also offer two other transportation solutions, Fleet Basic and Fleet Pro, where we have gathered the best we can offer. This includes FMS data from the vehicle, fuel consumption, emissions and information on how the vehicle has been driven.

The choice of package depends on your specific needs and preferences. Our experts can help you find the right package for you.

'Plug & Play' - everything works automatically

Installing our tachograph solution is easy. The device automatically collects and sends data from the vehicle to our cloud-based solution. The solution does not require any specific software to be installed, nor any kind of manual adaptation of the vehicle. Everything is done automatically.

With a solution from us, you are guaranteed trouble-free data downloading as our platform supports most tachograph manufacturers, including VDO and Stoneridge.

Tacho Download GSFleet

Need help choosing the right solution?
We will help you find it.

We truly have a tool where we work in real-time and can manage things as they happen. This is very positive.

Carsten Dybbøl Pedersen
Bach & Pedersen

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