Equipment control

Complete overview for optimized efficiency

See how all your items are used

Real-time tracking


Ensures service intervals

Simple installation

Our equipment control solution provides you with complete oversight of all your tools and machinery.

With a complete overview of equipment operating hours along with effective remote resource planning, our solution frees up time for more productive and billable hours.

With real-time tracking, you gain detailed insights into the usage of your machines – where they are located, how frequently they are used, and for what purpose. This not only reduces operational costs but also ensures that all equipment is serviced on time, increasing safety of your employees and workplace.

In addition, it increases safety by alerting you if any equipment is misused or moved outside the authorized area.

It has always been important for us to be able to see where our drivers are and what machines they have in their vehicles, it gives us the opportunity to work as efficiently as possible but also flexibly. More important than ever, with today's electricity, diesel, and tire prices squeezing every company's margins, is maximizing the efficiency of both our vehicle fleet and machinery.

Marcus Johansson
Jetmarine och Maskin AB

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