Temperature control

Get complete control of the temperature, throughout the transport

Real-time temperature

Alarm to driver in case of deviation

Ensuring product quality

Automatic final report

Flexible installation

Quality-assured refrigerated transportation not only reduces waste, but also enhances your company's reputation and long-term success.

Our technology includes both portable and fixed systems, equipped with wireless sensors that allow you to measure temperature in multiple locations within the cargo hold. This flexibility is crucial because the temperature can vary depending on where in the cargo space it is measured.

The sensors monitor the temperature in real time, and can be followed both via app or computer. This data then creates a final report, which in turn contributes to stronger partnerships and mutual trust between all parties in the supply chain.

If the temperatures deviate from the preset limits, the driver is warned immediately. This allows for quick action to correct any deviations, thus ensuring that temperature-sensitive goods such as food, medicines, animals and chemicals are not damaged.

By ensuring that these goods are transported within the correct temperature framework, the risk of quality loss and waste is reduced.

temperature control

Not having to contact the driver to find out how much time is left until arrival allows us to help the customer more efficiently, without disturbing the driver while driving.

Niklas Frick


A mobile temperature monitoring app that works in conjunction with temperature sensors to provide real-time alarm monitoring and temperature data.

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